Tennis has existed for centuries and it became even more popular over the past couple of years. Not only professional athletes loved them but additionally common sporty people play this sport. It is some people’s favorite pastime, while to others, it’s a workout. Tennis differs from other sports for example basketball, football and baseball due to kind of fields that player’s experience. Tennis is often played on surfaces such as carpet, clay, hardcourt, or grass. But nowadays, grass court fields are slowing being replaced because of high maintenance cost in time and expense. Tennis court owners now prefer synthetic tennis courts rather than it. 

Before, tennis is often played on grass courts. However the disadvantage of this type of field could it be needs to be tendered with regular mowing and watering. It’s difficult to keep clean this type of tennis field. Fortunately, you can enjoy the feel of grass while playing tennis however with less maintenance cost. You can go for artificial or synthetic tennis courts as well. It isn't just inexpensive, artificial grass can last for a longer time compare to the real ones. Maintenance is simple because you don’t have to water or trim everything the time. You don’t need to pay for gas from the mower and the labor too. No watering means less water usage. You can really save a great deal form that. It’s also tough to grow back town grasses. With synthetic grass, well since its synthetic, it won’t as be as worn since the real one. Anyone can play tennis without worrying about ruining the area.

A lot of synthetic tennis courts now use sand filled artificial grass surface. Its objective would be to give players that appear to be of playing is really a grass but with the design of sand on their shoes. It includes artificial grass which has a silicon-based infill. It’s so easy to maintain and will keep the court look beautiful, the court and your shoes too. With synthetic grass, your shoes won’t be as dirty therefore it can last longer. It’s also worth mentioning that artificial grass dry faster. So even when it rained or you will find morning dews, you can play quickly. Playing in whatever season won’t be as much of a problem.

However, you'll still need to clean your artificial grass tennis courts. Every now and then, you need to refurbish the sand-filled tennis surfaces. You need to make sure that they are no rubbish or organic material to keep the court from clogging or grow moss. When the sand also gets compressed, it gets more slippery which means you need to hire a professional service for 3 or four times a year to shape up the grass fibers, brush, and adjust the sand level. Additionally you need to replace the worn parts, repair and replace the sand infill. Follow these are make your tennis court continue for a longer time.

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